Frequently Asked Questions



How long have you been in business?
I started my own business in October of 2003. Previous to that I worked for a large local painting company for five years.

Are you insured?
Yes, I am fully insured with over a million dollars in worker's compensation, liability insurance and work vechicle coverage. I carry copies of my policies with me and I would be happy to share them with you.

What hours do you work?
My typical day begins around 7:30am and ends at 4:30pm. However, I will let my client know the schedule for thier specific job and if travel or other circumstances alter this time.

Will you complete my job from start to finish without interruption?
Yes. I believe every customer is equally important, and I will make sure you are happy with the timing of the job, as well as the quality.

When can I expect to receive an estimate?
You can expect to receive a written proposal in two to three business days after I see the job. Customers can tell me how they would like to receive the estimate (phone, email, fax, mail). You are welcome to call me at anytime with questions once you receive it.

Is paint included with the price of the proposal?
I usually include the cost of paint in the price and this will be specified in the estimate. If the customer wishes to purchase the needed supplies I will provide the quantity of paint needed and an approximate cost in the estimate. I also can recommend specific brands and places to purchase them.

I've had bids before, and I get some prices that are high, low and all over the place. Why?
The cost of the job is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality desired. For example, it costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to give it the "quick fix". I will review, in detail, my calculations for your project so you can make a fair comparison with other bids. Some companies bid on the job and then have less skilled workers complete the work, or they do not carry full insurance, this cutting costs.

What is the difference between a good paint job and a bad one?
A good paint job requires an extensive knowledge of different painting techniques and materials, and the skill and commitment to go with it. Not cutting corners. Preparation, preparation, preparation. And finally, budgeting enough time to do the work properly and making sure it is what the customer wants.

Do you have references?
Yes, I can provide references upon request and you can also view some in the testimonials section of this site.

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